5 questions we should ask ourselves before the upcoming city council election

March 30

5 questions we should ask ourselves before the upcoming city council election


1)  Why have our city councils struggled for four decades to repair our roads and provide funds for police protection?  

Police and streets are getting increasingly expensive to provide. Further, they are not self-supporting funds like sewer or water funds, therefore, councils must find other ways to pay for them. Real solutions to the real problems facing Cameron must be met with more than political buzzwords like “tax and spend” or “wants versus needs”. Roads are not repaired and police protection are not addressed for a simple reason: if you don't have the revenue, then you can't do the work. 


2)  Why do nearby communities have facilities, activities, and amenities that we do not?              

The direct answer is, we've chosen not to have them. We've decided to do without, even though many solutions are available. Our past attitude has been “we don't need that fancy stuff” rather than an aspiring “if it can be done, we will do it”. It comes down to choice, are all of us willing to give a little to get something great accomplished?


3)  Why does our council fight so much?                                                                                               

Divisive is an understatement when it comes to describing the Cameron City Council. They want solutions and outcomes that are in direct opposition to each other. Some want minimal government, with minimal expenses, and are willing to accept all the problems that come with that.  Others want a vibrant community that citizens are excited to call home. Before choosing sides, remember local government provides roads, police, fire, sewer, and more. Think carefully before supporting the “I hate all government” platform.  


4)  Why is this election any different?                                                                                                                                          

The swing vote will decide the path our city will follow for some time to come. In a town of Cameron's size, the action or inaction of the city council has the largest impact on the community's future.  Our council is composed of five members. They are deeply divided in how they see Cameron's future. Three members will decide which way we go and you, the community, choose our council.  Make no mistake, our community will thrive, struggle, or wallow somewhere in between. YOU will ultimately decide on April 4. 


5)  If I want a vibrant, economically healthy community that's meeting needs, where do I go from here?

We must compete with other communities. If our citizens are not  happy, they will vote with their feet, making it increasingly expensive for those remaining to provide even the most basic government functions.  The good news is as we become increasingly desirable (parks, trails, activities, and other amenities) it becomes easier to provide streets, police, fire, etc. Obviously, the more people that want to stay, visit, move to, or shop in Cameron, the more successful we will be at giving everyone more of what they want. If you think it's all about being affordable, visit the slums. It's affordable, with minimal government, but most of the people stuck there are not happy about it. Remember, we are the local government. The money collected does not disappear in Washington like some would like you to think, rather, it's invested right here.


The April 4 elections will set the course for the Cameron community. So, put some thought into it, and have the courage to transform the way we live and lead. 


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