There’s No Excuse for Savagery

 Fellow Americans, 


We have all seen the video of the death of George Floyd while in police custody.  The Minneapolis Police Department took swift action against the officers involved and the city prosecutor filed criminal charges on them.  The way I see it, the system is working as designed.  The police officers are being held accountable for their actions.  So why all the rioting?  According to interviews of “protesters” by news reporters on the street, the reasons ranged from racism, police brutality, the minimum wage, immigration policy, and gay rights!


Whatever the reason, there is a difference between protesting and rioting.  We all have the right to our opinions and can peacefully protest the injustices we perceive.  Police officers understand this and will defend any citizen’s right to lawfully assemble and voice their grievances.  That is until violence erupts and the protest turns into a riot.  At that point, the police are forced to counteract the lawlessness with force to protect lives and property.  Why do “protesters” feel the need to burn, loot, and assault anyway?  How in the world is that supposed to help?  The answer is that it isn’t.  It is a lame excuse for savages to be savages.  But that’s not all.


By now, if you’ve been reading my articles you already know where I’m going with this.  I believe the majority of the violence today is scripted.  I believe it is a coordinated effort by people who hate the Constitution, our form of government, and our president.  That’s right, I said it!  These anti-Americans are exploiting Mr. Floyd’s death to keep President Trump from being reelected!  As we have seen before, they never let a crisis go to waste.  Is it just a coincidence that the riots occurred as the Chinese Coronavirus was petering out, people were going back to work, and the economy was coming back to life?  I don’t believe Mr. Floyd’s death was deliberate.  I’m just saying it was used by Trump’s enemies to entice him into using the U.S. military to squash the violence, that way they can call him a dictator and use it against him before the election.  That’s how much he’s hated.  Remember the riots on his inauguration day in January 2017?  I wonder what the next “crisis” will be when these riots end!


We must support law and order, our Constitution, and our president.  Please pray for our peacekeepers and our country.  May God bless you and the United States of America!


Dan Landi

Kidder, MO 

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