Shown here is one of the wells, constructed thanks to the efforts of Cameron residents.

Cameron residents help bring water to Kenya

The efforts of some Cameronites are aiding one area of Kenya where the nation is suffering from drought that is entering its third year.

More than a thousand animals have died, according to the country’s Ministry of Wildlife, including hundreds of elephants and zebras. Among the deaths related to the drought are 512 wildebeests, 430 zebras, 205 elephants and 51 buffaloes.

The United Nations has warned for months about the humanitarian impact. “We are on the brink of a human catastrophe,” according to the director of the World Meteorological Organization. “This is a stark reminder of the devastating impact of climate change.”

Jack and Al Briggs saw first-hand the effects on the human population and moved to try to help. The Briggses, along with Mr. and Mrs. Mike Earley, the Cameron Rotary Club and Rotary International, funded a $53,000 project to help near Mahinga in a rural area northwest of Nairobi.

The women there had to transport dirty water from a creek for drinking water and all other water uses. That was when there was water in the creek.

The site is at a common area where three tribes have access. Spokesman Benjamin Katut said the well “is a turning point.” “It marks a milestone in our lives.”

The work started with a test well to determine if the project was feasible. Then came the drilling, the pump apparatus, housing for the pump, a storage facility like our water towers, (pictured) and a solar panel to create the electricity to operate the pump. There is no electricity in the area.

While we add fluoride to our water, the problem in Africa is that the water there contains too much of the chemical – nine times too much.

A kiosk at the site charges just enough to provide the necessary upkeep on the facilities.

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