Council pushes marijuana tax for Spring ballot

Purchasing marijuana in Cameron may become a bit more expensive if Cameron voters approve increasing a cannabis sales tax next Spring.

The Cameron City Council seems at a consensus for placing a recreational cannabis sales tax on the Spring ballot. 

“This is going to be on the ballot for every single city that has a medical marijuana dispensary … It is a 3 percent sales tax on the adult use, not medicinal sales that occur at Bloom Medicinal,” said Padraic Corcoran, city of Cameron attorney. “Bloom Medicinal will most likely convert to a comprehensive dispensary facility. I do not see any reason why any medical facility does not end up converting to a comprehensive facility. That could occur December 9th, but most likely will occur by February 6th.” 

The move comes less than a month after Missouri voters approved legalizing recreational marijuana sales. Although passing statewide by more than a million votes, Missouri Amendment 3, which legalized marijuana in the Show-Me State, locally the issue did not see the same fanfare. Clinton County voters rejected the amendment by 237 votes or 51 percent of the 7,437 votes. The margin was much larger in DeKalb County with voters rejecting the amendment by 738 votes or 61 percent of the 3,358 votes cast. Even with the approval of legalized marijuana Corcoran doubted Cameron will open an additional dispensary in the near future. 

“It would be 2025 before they could even apply. That was one of the major criticisms of the amendment. Essentially, if you’re already in the market – and you’re one of the owners of a medical facility – you would be able to block out any other person … Bloom will be the only dispensary. I doubt there will ever be (another),” he said.

The 3 percent sales tax proposed during the latest Cameron City Council would be in addition to other proposed sales taxes on marijuana. Missouri has a proposed 6 percent sales tax on the Spring ballot. Clinton County will propose an additional 3 percent increase to its already existing 9.925 sales tax. If voters approve city, state and county taxes, Cameron cannabis users could spend as much as 22 percent in taxes with each purchase. 

“Part of the argument for years has been, ‘Let’s legalize it and tax the hell out of it.’ That’s what they’ve been saying. Well, we legalized it. Now it’s time to hold up your end of the bargain and fork over your end of the money,” Cameron City Councilman Alexander Williams said.   


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