Winter Weather Battle Zone

The Cameron Public Library and the Cameron YMCA found a way for children to keep warm and stay active on Monday, January 28. Approximately 20 children of varying ages hailed the call to a Nerf™ War. After a quick recap of the rules and regulations for fair play the teams started with a round of 3-15. Meaning, if shot, the player must remove themselves from the field of play for 15 seconds. After being shot for the third time the player was to sit out until the end of the game.

Play started cautiously with each team shooting at opponents from the furthest point of cover. The warriors quickly became bolder as a couple of the more daring children advanced into the field and dodged opponents darts. Inspired by the progress of those courageous few the field quickly escalated into a full-blown war zone. 

After about 20 minutes of battle frenzy a truce was called allowing players to re-acquire ammunition and the battlefield was reformatted for capture the flag. The goal was to retrieve the opponent’s flag and bring it back to your home base without losing your own flag. Both flags had to be present at the same base for a team to be declared victorious. 

The red team won the first round as their champion skipped virtually unopposed from the enemy base all the way home. The second round went to the red team as a couple battle buddies worked together to acquire the enemy flag and bring it home. In the third round another red champion shot his way through a heavy green defense and returned to base only to be felled by friendly fire. The play still counted as a victory for the red team. In round four the green team reclaimed some dignity as one defensive player stopped a red opponent and went on an offensive charge through the weakened red defense and returned to Green Base victorious. After the official end to capture the flag the players unanimously elected to continue their foray; after another brief hiatus to reclaim ammo, the dart flew in a frenzy.

“What a good activity for a cold day,” said one local grandmother as she watched her granddaughter dodge Nerf™ darts and take cover behind a mat. “I like that all the ages are getting along and working together. Now I have an idea for when all the grandkids are over”.

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